Power Yoga Information

What You Need To Know:

Dress and Mats:
Wear comfortable attire such as long tights or shorts. Less is better. Please refrain from wearing perfumes and/or colognes. Be prepared to work barefoot. We use "sticky mats" for traction. Studio mats are available for beginners to use.

Avoid Heavy Meals:
Stay away from heavy meals 2 hours prior to class. A Light snack is suggested 1 hour prior to class. Hydration is encouraged. - Clean filtered water available at Studio.

Room Temperature:
The studio is intentionally kept warm (not stifling) to encourage the body to detoxify through perspiration. The added warmth helps muscles to be more elastic and less susceptible to injury.

Bring A Towel

Duration of Class:
Classes are 60 minutes long. Classes are on a first-come first-serve basis. No reservations required.

Expectant Mothers:
Women active prior to pregnancy are welcome with doctor's approval. Appropriate recommendations and modifications are offered throughout the pregnancy.

Non Competitive Spirit:
Yoga regenerates health and peace in the body and mind. Beginners should take it easy and allow themselves to be immersed in the freedom of being a beginner.

Arrive a Few Minutes Early

Avoid Leaving Studio During Closing Meditation

Bike Rack Available for our Bike Riders

Release Form
All new yogis will be required to fill out a release form. For any yogis under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian will need to sign a waiver before they will be allowed to participate. Click here to download the Power Yoga Release form.